Sunday, January 9, 2011


And it's about time.  No apologies, life moves on as quickly as a river in spring.

A few finished projects to round out last year!

I made a hat for Evy some time ago.  It kinda turned out not so great...
Winging out a little, isn't it?  But I do like the fleece lining I sewed in.  I just wung it pattern-wise.  Wung it?  As in "wing it" but past tense.  Anyways, I wound up buying Evy a fleece hat from Old Navy, which is working out nicely.

Evy's Christmas stocking came out great!  After a few false starts, I wound up with this:
(I know, bad picture.  We don't have a fireplace, so the bookshelf is our mantle.)

It's made of two lovely yarns - Stitch Nation's Full O Sheep and Hobby Lobby's Enchantress.  The Enchantress is the red yarn, and it has tiny little sequins in it :)

The only trouble is that it doesn't come in green, so I shall have to find a different yarn for Kev's stocking (next year).  The pattern is loosely based on the Striped Christmas Stocking in Holiday Knits.  Mostly I looked at the stocking my Grandmother made for me years and years ago and went from there.  Holiday Knits helped with some of the more math orientated sizing stuff.

Last but not least, I made Evy's First Christmas ornament.  No pictures yet, but they're coming soon!

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