Saturday, October 20, 2012


About a year after I bought the pattern, I finally made Hoodsie for Evy.  This was a great little pattern, I got to use up some stash yarn, and it's a nice practical hand-knit for the colder months.  All around win.
I used Knit Picks Swish in Indigo Heather, which is really a nice little yarn.  It's soft and squishy, and affordable.  The colors are pretty, and I think it knits up nicely too.

The only downside is that it tends a pill a bit.  However, I must admit that I have only ever used Swish for Evy's sweaters.  And as any toddler would, she wears her clothes out!  I should use Swish to make myself something to see how it holds up to normal wear and tear.  Did I just create another reason to buy more yarn?
Hoodsie in action.
I love hoods, and Evy seems to like them too.  She has fun lifting them up and down over her head.  Kev thought the sweater vest looked a little like chainmail, so where better to wear it to than the Renaissance Festival?

It was a bit colder that day than we thought it would be, and poor Evy already had a cold coming on (commence mother guilt trip now).  So Kev helped her out.
Evy inside Kev's sweater.
I would love to say that I knit both this amazing sweater and his most favorite hat in the whole world, but I did not.  The sweater was a souvenir from his parents' trip to Ireland (hand knit by some lovely Irish person), and the hat was a Christmas gift from my mom years ago (hand knit by some lovely Peruvian person).  So no, I didn't knit them, but somebody did!