Thursday, January 19, 2012

First FO of 2012

Some dear friends of ours are having a baby in February, so of course it was time to bust out the baby knitting!  I started this cardigan in August, as soon as I found out it was baby time.  After hours of searching through baby patterns, I chose Puerperium because of the side buttons.  The sweater is designed for newborns, and the side buttons make dressing baby so much easier.  The sleeves were supposed to be knit using the magic loop method.  I didn't have the needles required to pull off magic loop, so I stashed the sweater in my works-in-progress box, thinking that I would buy the needles at a later date.  Then of course, it was baby shower time and I was without a finished sweater!  I took another look at the pattern and realized that I could easily complete the sleeves using two circulars. 
 I actually had 6 shank buttons that fit the button holes.  Amazing.

Now back to Iced!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals...Old & New

Just ignore our red eyes!
Wow.  2012.  Time for my annual New Year's goal setting post.  I set five goals last year, so I'll stick with five this year.

Goal #1: Knit myself a sweater.  I've already started this lovely sweater, so I think I could succeed at this in 2012.
Goal #2:  Be happier.  This will be a goal every year I think.
Goal #3:  Be a more patient mom, and a more patient partner.  This will also most likely reappear next year.
Goal #4:  Knit myself a lace shawl.  I already know which one!  This gorgeous piece from Jane Austen Knits 2011.  Perfect.
Goal #5:  Get fit.  Which for me means being able to do 5 pull-ups, 50 squats, 20 push-ups, and a 2 minute plank.  Phew!

Wondering how I did on last year's goals?  Well, I made two out of five.  I knit a pair of socks, and I knit Kev something (the aforementioned socks).  Two out of five....hmm... 

Here's to five out of five this year!  And I hope all of your goals and dreams come true in this new year :)