Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Where's the ding?"

There are a few things that are making me insane.  The way my crib sheets don't fit my crib mattress.  The way the centipede I saw in the middle of the night got away.  The way the baby's clothes simply will not be organized - I've tried so many different ways!


But most things are in no way making me insane.  Like Evelyn's sweater, which I still plan on finishing before she arrives (unless of course, she arrives tonight).

I know this is a terrible picture, but I think it's coming along nicely.  I've finished one sleeve, so I have one sleeve and all the finishing to go.  As a general rule, I hate finishing and tend to put it off.  But I think I have enough motivation to actually complete the finishing in a timely fashion!

"Any second now..."  - (this and above) Say Anything

Monday, February 15, 2010

Showers of Snow and Presents

Well I must say that I had a lovely weekend.  Kev and I went and bought our crib, and we put it all together!  I think this is a good thing, considering I will be "full term" next week.  Gah!
I also had another baby shower, this one thrown by my very sweet in-laws.  We were given so many nice things, and a good many cute dresses!  My in-laws gave me the little dress and sweater that are hanging on the crib in the picture.  I feel like all the little one will need is a beret and we'll be ready for Paris :)

The week has started off a little less lovely than the weekend, only because Kev and I both had to brave the snow to get to work.  And although I know it's no D.C. out there, southern Ohio just doesn't handle large snow amounts very well.  We could get up to 9", which is a lot for Cincinnati.  However, the silver lining is that we both left work early and are now safe and snug at home. 

Kev is spending his extra time working out in the apartment (or trying to, poor guy).  While I am drinking tea and sorting through baby clothes.  I could do this everyday. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book #1

I finished my first book of the year!  I feel so proud of myself for such a small success, but I think that's probably a good thing.  So the book I read, about a million years after it splashed around everywhere, is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.  I found it really enjoyable, with enough suspense to keep me reading, but without any scariness (I am a wimp, just so we're clear). 

I've now started on a two books that are entirely different, both from each other and The Da Vinci Code.  The first is called The Compassionate Instinct, which I found on my local library's blog.  And the second is called The Omnivore's Dilemma, which I've been wanted to read for ages now.   

I know once the baby arrives in (oh-geez) 5 weeks or so, there won't be much time for reading.  But today, being a snow day, is a perfect day to cozy up and read a book, or knit a baby hat :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bold Bonnet

Hooray!!  Another finished project for 2010.  And another hand knit for the baby :)  I call it her bold bonnet.
This is the Modern Baby Bonnet from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger.  I used Knit Picks' City Tweed DK in Morning Glory with size 6 needles.  This is the first time I've used this yarn, and I really liked it.  It's very soft, and the color is beautiful - perfect for baby's little head!  So far I've set her up with a blanket, a kimono sweater, a basic hat, a sweater vest, and this bold bonnet.  I'm currently working on a more intricate (for me) cardigan for her, and I've got a little cotton apron dress in the queue.  Apparently I am obsessed with knitting for this child!