Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christmas Stocking #1

I've finished something!  I love finishing projects.  Since baby girl came along, my rate of finishing projects has declined dramatically.  But that is perfectly ok, as my time is now taken up with other very pleasant things like learning how to crawl (yep!) and pull ourselves up (brilliant!).

I have in my queue no less than three Christmas stockings.  I finish a project, on average, every one to two months.  As it is now October, I'm not really sure how I'm going to be completing all three stockings.  But Christmas deadlines are all a part of knitting!

Christmas Stocking #1:
And yes, I know this is a horrible picture.  Becoming a fantastic photographer is on my to-do list.  After learning how to sew, grow my ownfood, and raise chickens.  Someday.

Right, back to the knitting.  This stocking is for my sister's little girl.  I made stockings for her two sons, and so this little one needed a matching stocking too.  An odd note about these stockings - they're not blocked.  That's right, I didn't block any of them.  I know, I know, but I have a good reason.  Ok so the first two stockings were made when I was new to knitting.  I hadn't yet grasped what blocking can do for you, how it smooths everything out and really "finishes" a project.  I was in college and a little bit lazy and I didn't want to make the extra effort.  Now this stocking I would block, but then it wouldn't match the others in their lumpy imperfection.  Plus, and this is really more to the point, the product I use for blocking (Kookaburra, which is very nice), contains nut oil, and one of my sister's sons is allergic.  So long story short, I'm committing some knitting sacrelege and not blocking this stocking either!  That's right, I'm a crazy lady!

Project Details
Pattern:  Striped Christmas Stocking
Yarn:  Frog Tree Alpaca that I bought from Kaleidoscope Yarns (love this store)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Mine seems to be all used up, for today at least.  Interrupted nights, no naps, and too much house work with too little time makes me feel like I have no patience left.  But, as I like to remind myself, tomorrow is another day.

But enough complaining.  Kev made me a super smoothie tonight with homemade whip cream on top, just to make me feel better.  *Beam*

So I totally geeked out over this book.  A knitting book about vampires that mentions Edward, Angel, Spike, and Oz?  Love it.  And yes, I am that geeky.  I've decided to make the Lore Hoodie first.  It looks like the kind of sweater I could live in.  Course, this project is waaay down the line in my queue.  I still have several Christmas stockings to finish, my Citron shawl that has gone into semi-hibernation through no fault of its own, and a sweater for to make Little Miss.  But that's why I love Ravelry.  I can log on very occasionally and look at my lovely list of projects that are, not forgotten, but saved.

Almost finished with Anna's stocking.  Pictures to come!