Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Whole Lot Of Crazy

The baby is here.  The child has arrived.  She's also hungry and needs to eat.  This is pretty much all I've got at the moment.  I have turned into someone who wears pajamas well into the afternoon.  I own a pillow called My Brest Friend (highly recommend by the way), and I spend my nights feeding a baby and watching New Moon.  That's right, New Moon ;-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Bit of Crazy

I'm going to get this out there first:  I've been a little bit crazy these past few weeks.  I hit 37 weeks and lost my grip on calm.  I'm now at 39 weeks and the suspense is killing me.

Ok.  Now I've also been trucking along on my next Evelyn project, Hadley Fierlinger's Apron Dress.  It's been going very nicely, although I feel like I'm going to have two full balls of yarn left over (which is just fine, because it's Knit Pick's Crayon and I've really enjoyed using it).  However, I just realized today, now that I've gotten to the edging, which is pretty much the last step, that I don't have the required needle (size 6, 16" circular) to actually work on the edging.  Ok, no biggie right?  I'll just run to Michael's after work....and realize that for some reason, they don't carry this needle.  Ugh!  So now I'm debating whether or not to try using a size 5 circular, or be patient and put this project on hold.  I'm thinking on hold is the way to go.

See what I mean about the crazy? 

To be positive now - it has been warm(ish) around here for days!  The sun was out all weekend, and Monday.  Spring is on its way, I can feel it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I finished Evelyn's Special Sweater!!  I finished up the sleeves during the Olympics, and then sewed it all together on Monday night.  I sewed on the buttons, soaked, and blocked it Tuesday.  I really wanted to get this finished before her arrival.  Not because I think she's going to fit into it right away, but because its complication level is not at all compatible with taking care of a newborn.  I have to admit, I am particularly proud of this finished project.
I really tried to get good pictures (I used the tri-pod even!), but I seem to lack Kev's innate ability to snap an artsy photo.  Good thing Evy and I will have him around to document things!  Of course, then he won't be in any of the pictures.

I had a sudden inspiration at Jo-Ann's the other day to use pink buttons.  I bought these vintage looking buttons, which were only $0.56, and are not at all vintage.  But I think they match the vintage look of the sweater.  Kev remarked that this sweater looks just like one of my favorite gray cardigans.  He's right of course, but I think that's perfect.  Not saying we're going to wear matching outfits, but I think it makes sense to dress my baby girl in something I would wear.