Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I actually have been knitting since February, I just haven’t posted about it.  Can I take a moment to blame my computer?  It’s a wee bit out of memory right now, so uploading pictures takes for-ev-er.  And with Little Miss Evelyn walking/running/climbing everywhere all the time (I swear the girl does not stop), it’s hard to wait for pictures to load at the end of a long night.  More often than not I look at my computer, glance at my finished projects, and then flop into bed.  But enough complaining, let’s get to the point of this here post – the finished project!

Citron – finally!!  I started this just after Evy was born (in March of 2010), and it became my pick-up-when-I-have-a-moment project.  For an entire year…

I know the pictures are not the best, so bear with me here.  I live in the basement and it's been raining forever.  We've actually started work on our ark.  This project was a great first shawl.  It was also my first use of lace weight yarn.  I used Knit Picks Shadow – 100% merino wool.  And this shawl is for me, thank you very much ;-)

Although I do think it looks much better on Evy.
I'll update Ravelry and links sometime...maybe.