Monday, June 18, 2012

Allons-y Scarf

I've finished my Allons-y scarf!  I know, a scarf in the middle of summer - what am I thinking?  I'm thinking that I'm not the hugest fan of cotton, and I am a sucker for both themed things and sequins yarn.  I based the scarf off Lisa Gentry's Sparkle Scarf pattern, published in Knit Simple.
My scarf is a bit skinnier than the original (details on ravelry).  The lace pattern was nice and simple, nothing too daunting but still an interesting knit.
I love the sequins on the yarn, and I love the way the colors gently change as the scarf progresses.
I called it my Allons-y scarf because I am still obsessively watching Doctor Who.  So this scarf is my take on the quintessential Doctor Who scarf: tonal color instead of stripes, 6 feet instead of....10 (12?), and lace instead of garter stitch.  And of course, it's blue.
I love it.  And now, come Fall, when my doctor says, "Should we take Little Miss to the park?" I can grab my blue scarf and say, "Allons-y!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spacey Lace Cowl

Sometimes my daughter and I find ourselves in Hobby Lobby, just for something to do.  I can't imagine how that happens.  Well one day I happened upon this pretty yarn by Patons.  And hanging right next to the yarn was this lovely pattern.  Well it only called for one ball.  So of course I bought the yarn, took the free pattern, and started myself a lovely cowl in the middle of summer. 
I'm calling it my Spacey Lace Cowl because I knit most of it while watching Doctor Who, my new obsession.  I'd like to say it's the new show I've discovered, but let's be honest and call it what it is, the new obsession.  The best part about this pattern is that the lace pattern was easy to memorize, even for me.  So it was good late at night, watching tv knitting.  I also like the way the cowl looks good on both sides.
And the absolute best part, besides the lovely blue color, is the sequins.  I'm a sucker for sparkly things.
This is the first cowl I've knit, and I definitely don't think it will the the last.  Next up, my Allons-y scarf.  Told you it was an obsession.