Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'd Rather Be...

But we all have things that take up our time, so I'll stop complaining.  And no, Little Miss is not the time consumer that I'm referring to.  Ok, I was up every hour last night, so I'm going to stop trying to be cryptic and witty and just show you this:

A trick she learned from one of her cousins!  I do have another finished project to share, but this is also a gift, so I'll wait to post details and pictures.  And yes, by golly I will take pictures of this project!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Too Many Things

Too many updates I'm afraid, and definitely not enough time.  I did finish a project recently.  But I forgot to take pictures of the thing!  Argh!  I'm just going to go ahead and chalk that up to still being a new mom.  I just can't remember everything.  But I figure, I remember to feed and clothe Little Miss, so that counts for a lot, right?  I promise (to myself mostly) that I will snag the gifty knit back for a few moments to take a picture so I can share it, at some point.  Anywho...this is what I knit.  Specifications to come.

Evy had her first dip in the pool over the holiday weekend.  She was...concerned, but not unhappy.

Hope your July is going great!