Sunday, October 10, 2010


Mine seems to be all used up, for today at least.  Interrupted nights, no naps, and too much house work with too little time makes me feel like I have no patience left.  But, as I like to remind myself, tomorrow is another day.

But enough complaining.  Kev made me a super smoothie tonight with homemade whip cream on top, just to make me feel better.  *Beam*

So I totally geeked out over this book.  A knitting book about vampires that mentions Edward, Angel, Spike, and Oz?  Love it.  And yes, I am that geeky.  I've decided to make the Lore Hoodie first.  It looks like the kind of sweater I could live in.  Course, this project is waaay down the line in my queue.  I still have several Christmas stockings to finish, my Citron shawl that has gone into semi-hibernation through no fault of its own, and a sweater for to make Little Miss.  But that's why I love Ravelry.  I can log on very occasionally and look at my lovely list of projects that are, not forgotten, but saved.

Almost finished with Anna's stocking.  Pictures to come!

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