Sunday, August 15, 2010


Our apartment gets many visitors, it just so happens that not many of them are human.  Take the change in our toilet. Yep, I said change in our toilet. A previous resident must have dropped some  change in the toilet at some point (we’re going with that explanation), and—for better or for worse—I am not the type of person to reach in there and get it out. At any rate, the change gets flushed farther down for a while, and then inevitably reappears. It’s this strange little loose change toilet dance that we do. I would post a picture but really, does anyone need to see my toilet? No.

I’ve started a stocking! It’s looking good so far, don’t you think?

I’m using Frog Tree yarn, which is very lovely. Perhaps a little too lovely for a stocking, but then it had to match the others.

Unrelated, but very important—Little Miss is five months old today!


  1. The first time I read "a visitor dropped some change in our toilet" I thought maybe that was a euphemism for mouse droppings in your toilet. Then I wondered what mouse would be so polite as to use your toilet and how could you be so calm as to blog about it? Now I am figuring you're just being literal. This chica needs sleep. An e-update will probably be coming your way soon. And I need to get the h out of dodge, so as I was brushing my teeth about to head out the door to work at 7am on a Sunday, I wondered if I'd be heading your way soon!!!

  2. Where you going to work by mistake, or did you really need to be at work on a Sunday?? You are always very very welcome to visit!! And it's actual change. There's a few pennies and nickle I think.

    I didn't blog about the cricket that attacked me, also in the bathroom. Because of my lack of calmness, the post I wrote about the cricket turned into a I decided to share the change story and the stocking pic instead!