Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What An Incredible Smell You've Discovered!

Ah parenthood.  All kinds of new grossness.  We have a phantom smell in our living room.  It seems to be coming from the carpet, the couch, and Evy's toy box.  At first, I could have sworn a cat burglar broke in and left his mark.  But then I realized that the sour smell is probably emanating from the various surfaces that Little Miss has spit up on.  Now, let me just say that of course we clean up her spits.  But apparently, we are not doing a good enough job.  We've washed the couch cover and there is currently baking soda covering the carpet.  The plan is to fabreez the couch tonight before bedtime.  We'll see.

And may I just say, she's never actually spit into her toy box.  Sometimes there are no reasons.

 A souvenir from the museum.  Not sure why Kev looks grumpy.

Little Miss is rolling over these days!!  From back to tummy.  Apparently, she likes to take the tough stuff head on.  Must take after her daddy...

Oh, and bonus points if you got the Star Wars quote ;-)


  1. The museum was a MUCH better idea than the garbage chute. ;)