Saturday, June 5, 2010

June and Nervousness

Evy and I are alone this weekend, as Kev is currently on his way up to Chicagoland to take yet another course.  It's a long drive for him by himself, but he enjoys the classes.  Plus, how much longer would it feel if Evy and I tagged along?  Well considering that Little Miss does not much care for her car seat, I think interminable would be about how it would feel.  So we're alone, but that's not what I'm scared of.

I'm nervous about next week.  It's back to work for Brig come Wednesday.  I've been having back to work nightmares for a week or two now.  They usually involve me showing up late, or forgetting everything I've learned on the job, or somehow forgetting where my office is entirely.  I've been obsessing over my return while Kev was here to talk to, so I shudder to think what will go on in my head this weekend.

But, how cute is this?

On a more positive note, Evy and I went to the bank and Target this morning all by ourselves.  There was no screaming in the car, and she was a very good girl while I gave into the various temptations that present themselves at Target.  Like these fish outfits.

Oh!  Aaannnd I have a new nephew!  He was born on Wednesday and is healthy and happy.  I haven't seen him yet, but I've been told he's a charmer :)

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