Thursday, July 8, 2010

Too Many Things

Too many updates I'm afraid, and definitely not enough time.  I did finish a project recently.  But I forgot to take pictures of the thing!  Argh!  I'm just going to go ahead and chalk that up to still being a new mom.  I just can't remember everything.  But I figure, I remember to feed and clothe Little Miss, so that counts for a lot, right?  I promise (to myself mostly) that I will snag the gifty knit back for a few moments to take a picture so I can share it, at some point.  Anywho...this is what I knit.  Specifications to come.

Evy had her first dip in the pool over the holiday weekend.  She was...concerned, but not unhappy.

Hope your July is going great!


  1. Sweet! I love the concerned look on her face :-)

  2. Thanks :) She's definitely unsure about the whole thing!