Friday, April 30, 2010

Testing, testing, Evy, Evie, Eevee

Ok, I'm not really testing Eevee, that one was just for Kev's benefit.  Before she was born, I had settled on spelling Evelyn's nickname e-v-y.  But the more I write it, the more I lean towards spelling it e-v-i-e.  So I thought I would test it out for a while.  I've used Evy for six weeks, so now I'll use Evie for a while.  I'm justifying this confusing bit of new motherhood madness by noting that I am not in any way changing the traditional spelling of her actual name.  Also, everyone else has always been free to spell Evie however they want (see the aforementioned Eevee, which does have an interesting origin).

On a completely different note, I ordered yarn and a new pattern for my brother's newest addition (estimated arrival: June 2).  As Amy's shower is this weekend, I don't think I'll have it done in time.  But it's awfully cute.  Just in case she reads my blog, I'm not going to post a link to the pattern.  But I will post a link to the Knit Picks yarn I'm using cause I love the color (I'm using sailor).

Oh, and I finally started Citron!  I bought some yarn from Knit Picks (I'm a little obsessed).  It's fun knitting so far :)

6 Degrees Update:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Rupert Grint playing Ron Weasley in this and
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets - Emma Watson playing Hermione Granger in this and
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -


  1. Hi, I came across your blog when I googled "nickname for Evelyn Evy/Evie." I have a two month old daughter named Evelyn and I am also trying to figure out how to spell her nickname. We pronounce it with a short e (rhymes with Chevy). I've been spelling it Evy but am thinking about switching to Evie. Do you pronounce your daughter's nickname the same way? Did you decide on Evy for the spelling? I thought it would be helpful to get feedback from a mom in the same boat. Love your blog.

  2. Hi Amy - Glad you like the blog. Of course, I love your daughter's name! I settled on Evy, but I pronounce it Ee-v (rhymes with Stevie). My mom calls my daughter Ev-vy, like your daughter, and spells it the same way I do.

    I think for me it was just a matter of getting used to writing her name at all. You know, you write your own name for years and then suddenly this little one comes along and you're writing her name on everything. After a while, I decided Evy fit best. Plus, I like the way it looks better than Evie. But that's just me!

    Wow lots of feedback! You know how it is - once I get talking about my baby girl, there's no stopping me! Enjoy your little Evelyn!