Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've started keeping track of Evie's feedings again.  I don't really care if she is on a tight schedule or not, but the fact that I am going back to work makes this an issue.  I have to at least be able to tell Nancy how many times a day the turtleduck needs to eat!  I've also charted my plan to introduced bottled breast milk.  I'm giving myself until a week from this Monday, and then the process must begin.  I never realized just how much time a mom devotes to thinking about baby things.
Kev planted some herbs for our kitchen window!  The one on the left is oregano, and the one on the right is not an herb. Actually, we're not sure what it is.  Nancy had a little shoot of it growing in a vase of water and gave it to us to see if we could keep it alive.  It's a nice plant even if we don't know what it is :)
He also planted some basil :)

And I made some very gooey, very delicious chocolate mud bars.  Yum.

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