Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I finished Evelyn's Special Sweater!!  I finished up the sleeves during the Olympics, and then sewed it all together on Monday night.  I sewed on the buttons, soaked, and blocked it Tuesday.  I really wanted to get this finished before her arrival.  Not because I think she's going to fit into it right away, but because its complication level is not at all compatible with taking care of a newborn.  I have to admit, I am particularly proud of this finished project.
I really tried to get good pictures (I used the tri-pod even!), but I seem to lack Kev's innate ability to snap an artsy photo.  Good thing Evy and I will have him around to document things!  Of course, then he won't be in any of the pictures.

I had a sudden inspiration at Jo-Ann's the other day to use pink buttons.  I bought these vintage looking buttons, which were only $0.56, and are not at all vintage.  But I think they match the vintage look of the sweater.  Kev remarked that this sweater looks just like one of my favorite gray cardigans.  He's right of course, but I think that's perfect.  Not saying we're going to wear matching outfits, but I think it makes sense to dress my baby girl in something I would wear.


  1. Lovely sweater!!!! I am 10 weeks pregnant and it is killing me to not know the sex yet. I feel like I can't start "really" knitting until I know!!! Good luck with your last few weeks and your "last" knitting projects before baby comes!!!!!

  2. Thank you! Evelyn was born on March 15th, so I finished just in time :)