Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Bit of Crazy

I'm going to get this out there first:  I've been a little bit crazy these past few weeks.  I hit 37 weeks and lost my grip on calm.  I'm now at 39 weeks and the suspense is killing me.

Ok.  Now I've also been trucking along on my next Evelyn project, Hadley Fierlinger's Apron Dress.  It's been going very nicely, although I feel like I'm going to have two full balls of yarn left over (which is just fine, because it's Knit Pick's Crayon and I've really enjoyed using it).  However, I just realized today, now that I've gotten to the edging, which is pretty much the last step, that I don't have the required needle (size 6, 16" circular) to actually work on the edging.  Ok, no biggie right?  I'll just run to Michael's after work....and realize that for some reason, they don't carry this needle.  Ugh!  So now I'm debating whether or not to try using a size 5 circular, or be patient and put this project on hold.  I'm thinking on hold is the way to go.

See what I mean about the crazy? 

To be positive now - it has been warm(ish) around here for days!  The sun was out all weekend, and Monday.  Spring is on its way, I can feel it!

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