Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Perfect Hat

For several seasons now, I have wanted a slouchy hat.  I made this cabled hat and this coin stitch hat, and for some reason didn't ravel the details for either of them.  By "some reason" I mean I had a wee baby and was working outside the home.  Which I used as my excuse for not being on top of things.  Judge that as you will.

At any rate, this year I found myself with a skein of Malabrigo Sock (thank you, Mom) that I thought would be perfect for a slouchy hat.  I spent way too may hours searching for just the right pattern, and finally settled on Felicity by Wanett Clyde.  I used Followtheyarn's modifications for the lace weight version, and voila!  My own Felicity Slouchy Hat!

This is just the slouchy hat I was looking for.  It's perfect for those days when you don't want to fuss with your hair but don't want to wear a bandanna   So for me, pretty much everyday.

The yarn is, of course, squishy and lovely and full of beautiful, soft color variations.  This was my first time using Malabrigo Sock, and I loved it!

I've also made a wee baby hat for some friends, details to come.  Right now I am feverishly working on Kev's Christmas stocking.  It's the Aran Stocking from Holiday Knits.  I was trucking along just fine, and then I misread the directions late last night and didn't begin the decreases for the instep correctly.  Sigh.  So tonight there will be frogging.  And then on to Christmas knits!

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